These are the most in demand finance jobs in the world right now according

These are the most in demand finance jobs in the world right now according

A new study from CMC Markets, an online trading platform, analysed monthly Google searches using Ahrefs for jobs within the financial industry to see which career is the most in demand. They also extracted the number of UK-based listings for each finance role from the job site Indeed during the month of December 2022.

Rank Job Title Total global Google searches 
1 Auditor 222,500
2 Actuary 166,600
3 Corporate banking 96,280
4 Bank teller 43,250
5 Forensic accounting 39,650
6 Compliance officer 35,170
7 Client advisor 29,080
8 Loan officer 22,950
9 Branch manager 18,560
10 Risk manager 17,430

Searches for ‘auditor’ ranked number one on the list with 222,500 monthly Google searches. People are searching 5,000 times on average a month for ‘auditor jobs’ and 500 times for ‘auditor careers’. There are currently 785 auditor jobs in the finance sector on Indeed.

Actuarial careers came closely behind as the second most sought-after job in finance with a combined 166,600 searches per month for ‘actuary careers’ and ‘actuary jobs’. An actuary was the only career within the insurance sector to make it into the top ten. There are currently 1,030 actuary jobs within the finance sector on Indeed.

The third most desirable finance career is corporate banking which amassed a total of 96,280 Google searches per month, 1,200 of which were for the search term ‘corporate banking jobs’. There are currently 3,748 corporate banking jobs on Indeed.

Another banking career took the fourth spot with bank teller totalling 43,250 Google searches every month, 12,000 of these monthly searches were for ‘bank teller jobs’. At present, there are only 35 bank teller jobs on Indeed.

In fifth place came forensic accounting with 39,650 Google searches per month and the sixth most in demand career in finance was a compliance officer with 35,170 monthly Google searches.

Despite being one of the ten most desirable finance jobs, forensic accounting only yields 64 job openings in the UK, according to Indeed. On the other hand, there are currently 6,685 compliance officer openings in the UK on Indeed.

With 29,080 Google searches a month, a client advisor was the seventh most searched for finance career and there are 811 job openings for client advisor roles on Indeed.

Loan officers and branch managers occupied the eighth and ninth place on the list with 22,950 and 18,560 monthly Google searches respectively. There are 1,744 roles on Indeed for both loan officers and branch managers in the UK. The research found that the tenth most in demand job in finance is a risk manager with 17,430 monthly Google searches. There are currently 5,259 job openings on Indeed for risk manager roles in the UK. Michael Hewson, chief market analyst at CMC Markets commented on the findings: “Despite the scarcity of jobs in some industries, it seems that there is a noticeable interest within different sectors of the finance world.

“It is interesting to see that a large proportion of this number is made up of searches related to the banking sector. And as a whole, financial careers are being searched for 2,935,840 times per month on Google.

“This number is definitely something to keep an eye on as we approach the new year, as people may look to seek new opportunities in 2023.”

Full table of Data below:


Accounting Insurance Investment Banking Banking
Sector Job title  General term “Jobs” searches “Careers” searches Total
  Accounting 889000 39000 5600 933600
  Auditor 217000 5000 500 222500
  Forensic accounting 36000 3400 250 39650
  Corporate accounting 14000 600 0 14600
  Payroll accounting 5900 500 20 6420
  Insurance 693000 14000 2800 709800
  Actuary 159000 6400 1200 166600
  Insurance investigator 2400 1600 20 4020
  Insurance consultant 3000 300 0 3300
  Claims Officer 250 100 0 350
  Investment banking 95000 6400 1100 102500
  Compliance officer 32000 3100 70 35170
  Client advisor 29000 80 0 29080
  Risk manager 14000 3400 30 17430
  Investment analyst 8500 2600 80 11180
  Banking 425000 29000 4600 458600
  Corporate banking 95000 1200 80 96280
  Bank teller 31000 12000 250 43250
  Loan officer 19000 3700 250 22950
  Branch manager 17000 1500 60 18560