Who Accepts Bitcoin as Payment? 10 Best Online Stores & Companies That Accept Cryptocurrency

Who Accepts Bitcoin as Payment? 10 Best Online Stores & Companies That Accept Cryptocurrency

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In recent years, the rapid rise of cryptocurrencies has caught the interest of consumers, leading many to ask: who accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment? Given Bitcoin’s “first-mover” status, thousands of merchants worldwide now accept the coin, opening up limitless possibilities for frictionless transactions.

This article explores ten top companies accepting Bitcoin payments in 2023. We’ll discuss crypto-friendly companies operating in various industries before highlighting some of the main benefits of using Bitcoin to make online payments.

The Top 10 Online Stores That Accept Bitcoin Payments

Below are 10 of the best online stores that accept Bitcoin, each offering a different range of products and services. We’ll review each of these stores in the following section, covering the reasons why they’re so popular:

  1. Crypto EmporiumHuge E-commerce Store Accepting Bitcoin & Other Cryptos

  2. Bitrefill

  3. Microsoft

  4. BitDials

  5. American Red Cross

  6. Ralph Lauren

  7. Shopify

  8. Gyft

  9. CheapAir

  10. NordVPN

Reviewing the Best Companies That Accept Crypto as Payment

According to CoinMarketCap, the cryptocurrency market now boasts a market cap of over $1.29trn – with Bitcoin accounting for around 46{3df20c542cc6b6b63f1c547f8fb389a9f235bb0504150b9df2ff264aa9a6c16c} of that total. Given Bitcoin’s market domination, it’s undoubtedly the “most accepted” crypto by online merchants, with thousands of businesses globally now embracing it.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a closer look at who accepts crypto as a payment method:

1. Crypto Emporium – Huge Online Marketplace Accepting Bitcoin & Other Cryptos

When it comes to stores that accept crypto payments, one site stands out from the pack – Crypto Emporium. Crypto Emporium is a luxury marketplace focusing exclusively on cryptocurrency payments, supporting prominent coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and XRP.

This marketplace has been in operation since 2018 and now delivers to over 125 countries globally. On top of that, Crypto Emporium boasts a dedicated customer service team available 24/7, along with real-time order tracking via email and SMS.

However, the real reason Crypto Emporium tops our list of the best companies that accept crypto is its incredible product selection. This product selection contains almost anything a shopper may be interested in, from luxury watches to designer clothes – and even properties.

Crypto Emporium’s streamlined user interface makes it simple to filter the product selection by price, origin country, condition, and more. All of the products offered by Crypto Emporium are certified as authentic, providing additional credibility for buyers.

Buying items at Crypto Emporium is straightforward – all that’s required is a crypto wallet and some crypto to fund the purchase. Once a shopper heads to the checkout page, all they need to do is enter their delivery address, and Crypto Emporium will provide a unique wallet address. Shoppers must send the final total to this wallet address, after which their item will be shipped.

Notably, this website doesn’t just excel in the shopping department – it also offers many additional features. These include a crypto-based rewards program that sees shoppers earn cashback through “Rewards Points” when they make purchases.

After 30 days, these Rewards Points can be converted into crypto and used to supplement future purchases. Crypto Emporium even has a fully-fledged referral program that allows shoppers to earn commissions whenever a friend or family member purchases using their unique link – with no cap on earnings.

When it comes to who accepts Bitcoin, Crypto Emporium is undoubtedly one of the easiest (and safest) platforms to use. With over five years of industry experience and hundreds of products to choose from, this site is ideal for beginners and experienced crypto users alike.

Visit Crypto Emporium

2. Bitrefill

Another of the most popular websites that accept Bitcoin is Bitrefill. Unlike the other stores on our list, Bitrefill doesn’t actually sell products directly to consumers. Instead, the site offers over 5,000 gift cards for top brands – all of which can be paid for using crypto.

Bitrefill has been used by over 400,000 people globally and boasts gift cards for some giant companies. These companies include Uber, Amazon, Deliveroo, Steam, Apple, and many more.

It’s easy to buy gift cards with Bitrefill, as all shoppers need to do is input the desired amount they’d like on the card and then pay for it using the platform’s supported coins, which include BTC, ETH, USDT, and DOGE. Crypto payments are made through the CoinPayments gateway, considered one of the best in the space.

Once payment has been made, Bitrefill will send the gift card to the shopper’s provided email address. Interestingly, Bitrefill even allows shoppers to top up prepaid mobile phones using crypto – ideal for those that travel or work overseas!

3. Microsoft

According to Statista, Microsoft is the world’s third-largest company, boasting a market cap of over $2.16trn. Even though Microsoft’s size means it can’t be as “mobile” as smaller companies, it has embraced crypto over the past few years, making it one of the top retailers that accept Bitcoin.

In fact, Microsoft was one of the first large corporations to begin accepting crypto payments all the way back in 2014. This paved the way for other US companies to follow suit, with many looking to Microsoft as proof that crypto was a credible payment method.

These days, shoppers can buy certain products and services on Microsoft using crypto. This works by shoppers adding funds to their Microsoft accounts using Bitcoin. Once funded, the Microsoft account balance can be used to buy various games, movies, and applications.

Importantly, crypto payments are only supported on the Microsoft Store – not on Xbox Live. Moreover, the process of paying for items on the Microsoft Store using crypto is actually facilitated by BitPay, so shoppers must have a compatible crypto wallet beforehand.

4. BitDials

Watch enthusiasts looking for online stores that accept cryptocurrency should look no further than BitDials. BitDials is a crypto-only luxury marketplace that has been in operation since 2016. As its name suggests, BitDials primarily focuses on selling watches – most of which are from premium brands like Rolex, Cartier, and Hublot.

Aside from watches, BitDials also offers a range of fine jewelry pieces and also the option to buy physical gold bullion. The great news for crypto-savvy individuals is that BitDials accepts a vast range of coins and tokens as payment. These include BTC, ETH, LTC, and lesser-known options like XMR and ZEC.

The buying process is easy with BitDials – all users need to do is add an item to their cart, choose their preferred payment method, and use the provided wallet address to make a transfer. BitDials also provides a handy QR code to speed up the process.

Given its prestige and credibility, BitDials is undoubtedly one of the best options when it comes to who accepts Bitcoin as payment. Boasting worldwide shipping and an authenticity guarantee, BitDials is the ideal location for those seeking their dream timepiece.

5. American Red Cross

Those wondering who accepts crypto within the charity sector may wish to consider the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross is a world-famous humanitarian organization that provides targeted aid domestically and overseas. At the time of writing, this organization operates in 190+ countries globally.

The American Red Cross is one of the many websites that accept Bitcoin and has done so since 2014. Donors can make donations in over 70 coins, making it easy to provide funding. These donations are facilitated through The American Red Cross’ partnership with The Giving Block.

Importantly, donors looking to send over crypto payments must contact The American Red Cross directly via email. A team member will reply with instructions on how a crypto-based donation can be made. This involves receiving access to a payment widget and completing a wallet transfer.

Another important note is that crypto donors must undergo the same due diligence process as anyone else. However, donors can choose the specific appeals their donation will go to – although donations won’t be made anonymously.

6. Ralph Lauren

When discussing who accepts crypto, one company naturally catches the eye – Ralph Lauren. This global fashion brand offers a range of high-end merchandise, from designer clothing to home furnishings. Ralph Lauren has flagship stores in locations worldwide and also sells products via its website.

Unlike the other retailers that accept Bitcoin on our list, Ralph Lauren doesn’t actually permit crypto payments on its website. Shoppers can only buy products online using credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, or Klarna.

However, Ralph Lauren makes our list of who accepts Bitcoin payments because the company has just opened a new store in Miami that permits crypto transactions. At the store, shoppers can buy merchandise using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and MATIC tokens.

Ralph Lauren isn’t stopping there, as the brand will also be launching its own NFT collection in conjunction with Poolsuite. NFT holders will be given access to an exclusive three-day experience at a luxury retreat in Miami – highlighting Ralph Lauren’s growing adoption of Web3 technologies.

7. Shopify

Shopify is a leading e-commerce site that provides an easy-to-use portal for businesses to create an online presence. Additionally, Shopify also offers a range of tools and services that help these businesses manage their inventory and handle shipping effectively.

The way that Shopify uses crypto differs from the other stores on our list. Unlike the other companies that accept crypto, Shopify creates an environment for businesses to enable crypto payments for themselves.

At the time of writing, Shopify has nine different payment gateways that business owners can implement into their online store. These gateways allow businesses to accept crypto payments from their customers. Some of the most popular gateways Shopify offers include Coinbase Commerce, DePay, and Lunu.

Excitingly, businesses can decide which cryptos they’re willing to accept as payment – and which they aren’t. However, it’s important to note that, regardless of the chosen gateway, there will be some transaction fees to contend with, which are charged on the merchant’s site.

8. Gyft

Like Bitrefill, Gyft is one of the few online stores that accept Bitcoin as a payment method for gift cards. As a digital gift card platform, Gyft specializes in “indirectly” providing access to the products/services offered by hundreds of top retailers that don’t yet accept crypto payments.

For example, Gyft offers gift cards for brands such as Walmart, Starbucks, Uber Eats, Target, and more. Moreover, Gyft has a dedicated mobile app that allows users to check their gift card balances and even use these gift cards directly within the app.

Buying gift cards with Gyft is quick and easy. The platform has partnered with BitPay, meaning it’s simply a case of sending payment through a BitPay-compatible crypto wallet.

There are no fees for using Bitcoin to pay for gift cards, with Gyft boasting added credibility thanks to shout-outs in major outlets like The New York Times. Once payment has been received, the gift card will immediately be emailed to the user’s provided email address, which can be used to buy products/services online.

9. CheapAir

Those wondering who accepts crypto when paying for plane tickets may wish to check out CheapAir. As its name implies, CheapAir is an online travel agency that offers cheap flights and accommodation through its user-friendly website.

CheapAir has been accepting Bitcoin as a payment method since 2013, meaning it has a long-standing reputation with crypto-savvy travelers. Over the years, CheapAir has added support for an array of altcoins, meaning the platform now accepts ETH, DOGE, BCH, DAI, and many more.

Like many stores that accept crypto payments, CheapAir has partnered with BitPay to make the process as seamless as possible. All travelers must do is go through the payment section and choose “Bitcoin or Altcoins” as their chosen funding method.

Following this, CheapAir will automatically transfer the traveler to BitPay’s interface, where it’s quick and easy to make a wallet transfer using any of the supported coins/tokens. Once payment has been received, CheapAir will send the booking confirmation and related travel itinerary.

10. NordVPN

Rounding off our discussion of who accepts Bitcoin is NordVPN. NordVPN is one of the world’s leading VPN services, offering a massive network of servers located in over 60 countries.

The excellent news for VPN users is that they can pay for their monthly or annual subscriptions using various cryptocurrencies. At the time of writing, NordVPN supports payments made in BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, XMR, and other leading altcoins.

To facilitate these payments, NordVPN has partnered with CoinPayments – one of the most widely used crypto payments gateways. The process to actually make a crypto payment is similar to all major gateways since shoppers must transfer crypto from their own wallet to the provided wallet address – or use the QR code that CoinPayments will present.

After the transaction has gone through, shoppers will receive a confirmation email from NordVPN, and the relevant membership tier will begin. Given NordVPN’s clear focus on privacy, the ability for shoppers to use crypto to fund their membership has been a huge hit.

Benefits of Using Bitcoin as Payment

Now that we’ve discussed what stores accept Bitcoin (and other cryptos), let’s examine why this setup has become increasingly popular. Detailed below are some of the main benefits of using BTC as a payment method for shoppers:

Decentralized Structure

One of the primary advantages of using Bitcoin instead of FIAT currencies is that Bitcoin is inherently decentralized. Put simply, being decentralized means the coin isn’t controlled by a centralized entity like a bank or a government. Instead, the Bitcoin network relies on consensus when validating transactions.

Bitcoin’s decentralized nature has many benefits for shoppers – most notably, the fact that the currency cannot be manipulated by one single entity. This has numerous positive effects downstream; for example, Bitcoin isn’t as susceptible to the impact of inflation or political interference.

Low Transaction Fees

Another benefit of using Bitcoin to make payments is that transactions are usually much cheaper – especially regarding international transactions. This ties into the point raised above since transactions don’t need to go through an intermediary, meaning they don’t pick up excess fees along the way.

Not only is this good news for consumers but also businesses as well. Businesses can save significant amounts of money over the long term by avoiding payment processing fees, which is why more merchants than ever are opting to support crypto payments.

Speedier Transaction Times

Cryptocurrency transactions are also a lot quicker to settle than many payment methods. Again, this is most evident with cross-border transactions, which can sometimes take several days to clear – not ideal for those seeking a streamlined buying process.

According to data from YCharts, Bitcoin’s average confirmation time usually ranges from 30 minutes to just over one hour. Once the transaction has been confirmed, it means the merchant has received payment in full, after which they can instantly get to work on shipping the related product.

Higher Level of Privacy

Many consumers prefer using Bitcoin to make payments because it offers more privacy relative to FIAT payments. This is due to crypto payments not requiring extensive personal information (e.g., full name, address) to facilitate.

However, crypto users must be aware that their transactions aren’t entirely anonymous. No specific personal information is visible, yet merchants can still see the wallet address the funds are being sent from. Although this wallet address can’t easily be tied to a person’s identity, there are situations where it might be possible – hence why transactions aren’t 100{3df20c542cc6b6b63f1c547f8fb389a9f235bb0504150b9df2ff264aa9a6c16c} incognito.

Accessible Globally

Finally, Bitcoin is available to anyone with internet access – even if they don’t have a bank account. This is one of the main benefits of crypto since these digital currencies are accessible to the “unbanked” population, usually found in developing countries.

Due to this, those not part of the banking ecosystem can still buy goods/services online without creating a bank account or obtaining a credit/debit card. This also benefits merchants since they can access an untapped market of potential consumers.

Who Accepts Bitcoin as Payment? – Conclusion

To conclude, the growing list of online stores that accept crypto highlights a rapidly-changing landscape when it comes to global commerce. Over time, this trend will reshape how B2C transactions are conducted while helping businesses innovate and thrive.

One of the pioneering companies in this regard is Crypto Emporium. This platform offers a massive range of luxury products that can only be purchased using cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH.

Shipping to over 125 countries and offering 24/7 customer support, Crypto Emporium is the ideal e-commerce site for those looking to buy goods and services safely using crypto.

Visit Crypto Emporium

DISCLAIMER: This is not to be taken as investment advice. Crypto is a volatile asset, do your own research before investing and only invest money you can afford to lose. We may receive commission for clicking links in this article.

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